Productiv – Category and Messaging Development


Productiv provides application engagement analytics for IT leaders who are rethinking SaaS management. Only Productiv goes beyond login data by looking at more than 50 engagement dimensions, helping enterprise customers continuously rationalize their application portfolio and answer questions about application investments and effectiveness with contextual insights about actual use. Backed by Accel and Norwest Venture Partners and founded by veterans from Amazon, Google, and LinkedIn, Productiv helps companies like Fox and Equinix maximize application value in a way that is right for their people, their budget, and their business.

Business Problem

In the summer of 2019, Productiv had just emerged from stealth mode. It had a number of loyal customers and a strong value proposition, but the team needed to be able to consistently articulate that proposition across all communication channels and customer touchpoints. Productiv was looking for a partner that could apply a disciplined, rigorous, approach to developing its messaging and positioning, based not only on its own goals and vision as a company, but also on an outside-in view of what was compelling to customers and prospects.


Callan Consulting executed a several-stage project, starting with a discovery phase interviewing key Productiv executives and stakeholders, followed by interviews with Productiv customers and prospects. Callan Consulting also facilitated two separate half-day in-person workshops to share the interview findings and come to key decisions about Productiv’s positioning and messaging. Callan Consulting then took the output of these workshops and developed a messaging platform, along with positioning statement, audiences, business problems and how Productiv addresses them, benefits, differentiators, and proof points.


Productiv and Callan Consulting ultimately developed messaging language that better resonated with Productiv customers than previously existing messaging, and that you can read in the “Background” paragraph above. Productiv was very pleased with the results, and immediately began using the messaging in customer messaging, at trade shows, and during analyst briefings. It received excellent feedback from its customers and within the first month of rolling it out and the messaging already contributed to a 5x increase in engagement in Productiv social media and website content.