Applied Biosystems

Applied Biosystems is one of the leading providers of life science technology products. With businesses focused on basic research, commercial research (pharmaceutical and biotechnology) and standardized testing, the company has an installed base of approximately 180,000 instrument systems in nearly 100 countries.

Business Problem
In late 2005, Applied Biosystems was looking to develop a unified, updated messaging and positioning platform for its Proteomics (Protein Research) division. Applied Biosystems needed to more clearly articulate its strengths in Proteomics both externally to its customer base, and internally to its sales organization.

Callan Consulting led a cross-functional team to develop the new Proteomics positioning platform. Beginning with a series of internal interviews to more fully understand the current situation, Callan Consulting then conducted a deep-dive facilitated workshop with key Applied Biosystems Proteomics staff to develop cohesive and compelling positioning platform.

Once the positioning platform was complete, Callan Consulting worked with the Applied Biosystems Proteomics team to develop a customer-facing presentation to clearly articulate the new messaging. The messaging and presentation were subsequently validated using customer focus groups.

In less than three months from the project start, Applied Biosystems had a new messaging platform that more crisply articulated its value proposition for its Proteomics product line. Because this positioning was derived by a cross-functional team through a facilitated workshop, there was widespread internal buy-in for the new messaging. Most importantly, based in part on the strength of the new messaging, the Proteomics group was able to achieve an important uptick in sales over the next two quarters.